Ross M. Newton Freelance Visual Effects Artist, Designer, & Programmer

I've been working on various television, film, design, interactive, and programming projects since 2002.

Ross M. Newton

I'm a multi-discipline freelance Visual Effects Artist working and living in Los Angeles, California. I serve mostly as a 3D/CG artist and compositor, but I additionally enjoy doing design, on-screen graphics programming, and other 3D/projection projects. I'm originally from Dayton, Ohio where I earned a B.S. in Computer Science and a minor in Fine Art Drawing in 2002 from Wright State University.

I started my career in 2003 creating 3D military animations for the United States Air Force in Ohio. After four years, I began freelancing and ultimately moved to Los Angeles to pursue film and television work. Since arriving in Los Angeles in 2008, I've freelanced for multiple studios and worked on various design, television, and feature film visual effects projects. My passion is feature film and having the time to truly develop a shot to its greatest potential. I consider myself a generalist due to my many interests, but I'm currently pursuing a goal to get more into concept art, environment work, and matte painting.

For CG, I use Maya and Lightwave. I've also had exposure to 3DSMAX and FumeFX. For compositing, I use Nuke and do design work in Photoshop and After Effects. I use Synth Eyes for 3D tracking. I'm also knowledgeable and experienced in feature film stereoscopic 3D workflows using Synth Eyes, Maya, and Nuke's stereoscopic features. The last several years I've been serving as a Nuke TD at Marvel Studios creating custom in-house pipeline workflows in Python and additionally serving as a Nuke Compositor.

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